Rodent Exclusion & Trapping

Don't let unwanted rodents compromise your home's cleanliness.

Rodent Exclusion Eliminates Unwanted Pests

When completing rodent exclusion our installers

  • Find rodent access points
  • Fill entry points with steel or copper mesh, foam or cement
  • Replace or re-screen damaged vent screens
  • Construct new access doors (if necessary)

In some cases our crew will fog the infested area with EXPEL. EXPEL Odor Neutralizer is a non-toxic anti-microbial enzyme that eliminates the bacteria that causes health problems and the pheromones that attract more rodents. Sometimes, even with our best efforts, the rodents can be very persistent about returning to their home. At times, on rare occasions, they can be trapped in the crawlspace if they have made any burrow holes inside the crawlspace. Depending on the size of the infestation we may recommend a pest control company to get you on a maintenance plan to completely eliminate the problem.

Does your crawlspace have or had rodent issues? Consider having Crawl Pros install a white vapor barrier so evidence of critters can be easily seen and quickly taken care of.

Rodent Elimination Services from Crawl Pros

Our goal is to completely sealing your crawl space or attic to ensure rodents can not enter your property.  Unfortunately, if rodents get in once, they may likely get in again. To reduce the risk of future infestations, it’s vital to take proper exclusion measures.

Crawl Pros recently introduced a unique and innovative rodent elimination trap that provides a humane kill procedure for up to 24 instances without need for services. The trap is extremely effective in treating roof rat instances where rats travel via power lines looking to enter your home’s attic. The trap tracks the number of rodent kills letting you know that it is working or if needs to be located to another area of your home.

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Utility Rebates

Crawl Pros is proud to be a certified member of several Northwest utility programs offering insulation rebates and savings.

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